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  • Getting customers to understand &
    identify with your company's culture is
    key to a successful marketing campaign.

  • Our Emmy Award winning team
    has been creating great video &
    audio for over 2 decades.

  • We can design your site & keep it updated. Or get
    it online then show you how to add content.

  • We explore every option for reaching your
    audience, then develop media plans that work!

  • Motion design, print, logos, outdoor, online, kiosks.

We're Not What You've Come to Expect

Clients often tell us we're not like other advertising agencies. Why? Because we don't speak in jargon, we're not interested in winning awards and we're nothing like the people on Mad Men! We're interested in helping define your company in a way that connects with consumers and persuades them to identify with your brand. And we're interested in making the process easy for you. Work is hard. Advertising should be fun. Partner with us for a refreshing ad agency experience.

"Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read."
-Leo Burnett
Advertising Pioneer

Print Design

From logo design, brochures and point of purchase materials, to ads for newspapers, magazines, mailers and billboards, our print designs will get you noticed.

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Video & Audio

Magnetic Image knows video, with decades of experience producing commercials, corporate videos, capital campaign videos, how-to's, and audio-video for the web.

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Media Buying

We know how to maximize your TV, radio, print and online advertising dollars by researching, then targeting the demographics that mean the most to you.

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Website Design

We design rich, interactive sites with built-in content management systems (CMS). Sites boast the latest technical features and high browser compatibility.

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