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Communications technology has changed
dramatically over the last decade.

Cell phones are used to watch video, surf the web and send email. Informational kiosks are in hotels, museums, and retail stores, and sending brochures and newsletters electronically is commonplace.

A¬†company whose roots are in video is far better trained to design and create these types of campaigns because virtually all use screens and display technology similar to televisions. Ad agencies steeped in traditional print design often struggle with the format, resolution and size restrictions these projects present. Not us! We’re used to them because designing for television is virtually identical. And we understand that adding motion and video to these mediums can instantly take them from being dull to dynamic.

We can tailor your message for internet landing pages, targeted email newsletters, informational kiosks, snap-tag displays or multi-display presentations. And since we love all this technology, we keep up with the technological changes so you don’t have to.

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