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Internet Video Services

Selling is all about telling your story in a compelling way and nothing does that better than video.

By combining moving images, sound and animated graphics video delivers information like no other medium.

But no matter how good a video might be, if it loads slowly, stutters and pauses or drifts out of sync when online, the video is likely to do more harm than good.

Whether you have one video or 100, we can set up and manage your video hosting. We’ll compress your video, design a player interface, upload it, and provide the necessary links or web code so it plays on your site. Best of all, we’ll do it all for a reasonable fee, far less than what commercial video hosting services charge.

Does Video Work?

Numerous studies show that web video routinely outperforms static online advertising. According to Brightcove, one of the country’s largest online video platforms, online video campaigns perform better than standard graphic and text marketing. Plus, a recent survey by KnowledgeStorm Inc. and Universal McCann showed that 63% of respondents accessed online videos at least once a week. They viewed videos showcasing a variety of business and technology topics and felt product information and research was more compelling when delivered with video.

Using video on your website allows you to do things you simply can’t do any other way. With video, you can give a tour of your facility, quickly explain complex issues, showcase company experts through interviews or profiles, and provide special training for employees or customers. Video doesn’t have to be limited to your website either. If you use e-newsletters or regularly use PDF files, you can link to your videos easily from both.

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